Diamond cuts

Cut determines the fire and brilliance of a diamond. In order to maximize this fire and brilliance, the diamond cutter must place each of the stone's facets and angles in exact geometric relation to one another. On a classic round brilliant-cut diamond there are fifty-eight precisely aligned facets.

Ideal cut:
Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond.  An exquisite, rare diamond.

Very good cut:
Still of superior, rare quality, this diamond reflects nearly as much light as the ideal cut, but for a considerably lower price.

Good cut:
Reflects most light that enters and is often significantly less expensive than a very good cut.  An excellent value in a well-cut diamond.

Fair cut:
A fair cut will sparkle, but will not be as brilliant as a higher grade of cut.

Poor cut:
A lifeless-looking diamond. Poor-cut gemstones are not recommended for fine jewelry.