Drunk driver plows into West Memphis home

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (WMC-TV) - West Memphis police say two people were injured when an intoxicated driver drove his SUV into a family's home Sunday morning.

The incident, which happened at a house on Ok Street, sent family members running for cover and caused extensive damage to the home.

"I was scared. I was shook up and stuff," said resident Ashley Craig.

Her two young cousins who were asleep on a couch at the time sustained injuries.

"So they was cut up and stuff on their heads and stuff," she said.

Tony McKinney and Noel Gonzales were treated for their injuries and released from the hospital.

There's now a large hole in the front of the house, and parts of the truck remain scattered on a floor.

Craig says the intoxicated driver of the SUV was also treated for injuries.

"We seen the guy laying on the ground," she said. "He was crying and stuff, and the police had already had him in handcuffs."

Police say they had been following his vehicle when the driver suddenly sped away and crashed into the house.

West Memphis police have not released the the name of the driver.
They say he is under arrest and under a police guard at The Regional Medical Center.

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