NBA May Use Replacement Referees this Season

Fall Camps start for NBA teams in just a couple of weeks....but, who'll wear the stripes when the Games Begin?

The NBA Referees are currently locked out...with no talks held since negotiations broke down last week.

The League and its Refs remain apart on pension and severance issues, as well as a proposal to have D-League and WNBA Officials work a limited number of NBA games.

The NBA has a replacement list of Refs in place, including Michael Henderson, a former Ref who was publicly criticized by the League for blowing a call in 2004.

At that time, it was uncommon for the NBA to pulicly rebuke one of its' officials.

28 of the 30 working Refs wore their jerseys inside out in support of Henderson.

The Referees find it amazing Henderson might be a replacement after all but to Refs risked their jobs in protest of his admonishment.