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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Best on Summer Ave., plus scores 9/13/09

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - I don't care if you're from Hong Kong or Hardeman County.

You don't hang up on me when your restaurant fails its health inspection.

That's what Ken Dong did after his New Dragon China, 1680 Madison in Midtown Memphis, failed its inspection with a 64.  The inspector's report cites:

"No splash guard between handsink & rice cooker..."

"employee...proceeded to handle food without washing hands"

"cooked potato wedges...not used in 20+ minutes...discard"

"employee handled dirty dishes, then clean (dishes) without washing hands"

"uncovered meat in chest freezers"

"mold growth in ice machine"

"men's (bathroom) floor damaged by urinals"

"We are going to have another inspection," blurted Dong on the phone.  "I don't want to talk about it.  It's fine."

Then he hung up on me.

Roy Chen was much more professional at Grand Buffet in Millington, TN, even though his restaurant rated one of the worst scores ever on the Scorecard:  a 52.

The inspector's report cites:

"No hot sushi bar handsink"

"Stuffed crab (at potentially dangerous food temp)...discard"

"Crab meat (at potentially dangerous food temp)...discard"

"chicken (at potentially dangerous food temp)...discard"

"uncovered food in chest freezer"

"Sushi chef left area and returned and handled food without washing hands"

"...large screen door..."

"large mixer dirty with dried food debris"

"no soap or paper towels available at handsink"

"live turtles in aquarium by buffet line - Remove"

Chen wouldn't allow Action News 5 to inspect the restaurant, but on the phone he said, "The turtles are not supposed to be in the restaurant, so we removed them. We've told our contractor to order the part to fix the hot water, and they'll upgrade our score to a 76."

A 76?  Thanks, but give my spot in the buffet line to someone else. 

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  The Pizza Shack, 4523 Summer Avenue, Memphis (Berclair), 901-680-7900, search "The Pizza Shack" on Facebook

<a href=""><img alt="The Pizza Shack on Urbanspoon" src="" style="border:none;width:200px;height:146px" /></a>

Daniela and Terry, you better patent your sauce and crust recipes.  Right now.

Because right now, I'm going to say they make your pizza the best pizza I've ever tasted, and they are two reasons our Scorecard viewers named The Pizza Shack the Best Place to Eat on Summer Avenue.

"Our customers can't seem to get enough of it," said Daniela Wogh, co-owner.

"It tickled my appetite," said Christel Davis of Olive Branch, MS. 

Yes, Olive Branch.

In fact, The Pizza Shack's pizza, salad and toasted subs have folks driving in from all over the Mid-South.  Jerry McLemore comes down from Munford, TN, to order the Trinity sub:  grilled chicken, two cheeses and ranch dressing.

"The best toasted sub in Memphis," he said.  "At my church, it's a common saying that 'a church alive is worth the drive.' Well, a pizza dive is worth the drive as well!"

The Pizza Shack's a little tough to find, tucked away behind a vacant store.  It faces the Lowe's parking lot on Perkins. 

What makes it great is its creative combinations of flavors.  The Shack Attack, the signature pizza, has six meats, two cheeses, two sauces (the Shack's sauce and BBQ sauce), red onions and that killer crust.

"Meat lovers done Memphis style!" exclaims Wogh.

I'm coming The Pizza Shack! 

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  The Shack Attack, the Trinity sub, all salads, the upcoming Steakhouse pizza (check it out!)

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