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Cordova neighbor foils suspected burglars

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CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - A suspicious neighbor foiled a pair of would-be burglars in a Cordova.
Stacie Al-Chokhachi says she started to worry Thursday when she saw two men dressed in black outside her neighbor's house in the 900 block of Cully Road.
"I thought something's just not right," she said. "They were walking, but not conversing, and made a B-line for a gate. And I thought that looked kind of weird,"
Police say Al-Chokhachi's suspicions were correct. Eric Harris, 18, and friend Nehemiah Rimmer were preparing to burglarize Dalixy Diaz's home.

Diaz, a college student, says she was running late for class when she spotted someone on the roof outside her bedroom window. She and her grandmother were home alone at the time.
"And my grandma would have never known if I wasn't here," she said.
Frightened his cover was blown, one suspect jumped off the roof, leaving his footprints in the mud.
"Since he's chubby, I guess when he jumped off, he broke his leg. So, he couldn't go far," Diaz said.
She says she recognized one of the suspects from her days at Cordova High School. She believes he and his friend were after electronics, and they might have gotten away with it if a suspicious neighbor hadn't taken notice.
"For the first time, I actually reacted on that," Al-Chokhachi said.
Her husband played a big role as well - he actually tailed one of the suspects down the street until police arrived. 

Both suspects are now behind bars, charged with attempted aggravated burglary.


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