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More neglected horses and dogs found on Fayette County farm

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FAYETTE COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - Animal rescuers in Fayette County are preparing yet another case of animal cruelty against Latta Lewis.

It has been only six months since Lewis' last court appearance on animal cruelty charges.  Now, he is set to go back to court after animal rescuers say they found more malnourished horses, dogs, and other animals on her property.

"He does not seem to understand what he's doing is wrong or why as he says we keep going after him," said Gina Thweatt of Fayette County Animal Rescue.

A court order from March prevents Lewis from housing or keeping animals on his property.  But after a tip last month, rescuers went back to Lewis' property.  There, rescuers say they found horses, dogs, and other animals starving to death. 

Pictures show horses gathering around a trough, looking for food and water.  The trough was empty.

"He's just not getting a tough enough sentence in my opinion," Thweatt said. "Maybe if he will, maybe he will discontinue this practice."

Since 2000, Fayette County animal rescuers have found over 50 neglected animals on different properties owned by Lewis.

When Action News Five called Lewis about his most recent charges, he hung up the phone.

Rescuers say when they talked to Lewis about the condition of the animals, he denied any wrongdoing saying he never noticed how thin the horses were.  They plan to keep taking Lewis to court until they say the animal abuse ends.

Investigators say some of those malnourished animals are still on Lewis' Fayette county farm.  Lewis is set to appear in court on this most recent animal cruelty charges Tuesday morning in Fayette County.

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