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Case against accused child rapist dismissed

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A young woman inside a house on South Perkins was relieved a month and a half ago to be short one roommate.

"And I hope he don't come out of jail because it's not good what he did to a little 5 year-old girl," the unidentified woman told us.

She blew the whistle on 31-year-old Pablo Mateo, who rented a room from her family.  She says she found photos of the five-year-old girl on Mateo's cell phone.

"It showed her private parts and that was real bad," she said.

Memphis Police charged Mateo with Child Rape.  But the District Attorney's office dismissed the case Wednesday morning during a court hearing.

"The prosecutor announced in court that the state could not carry its burden of proof," said a spokesperson in a statement.  "The charge was dismissed but the incident remains under investigation," she added.

"If he did rape that one, he ain't gonna stop at that," said Malcolm Wheeler.

He and his wife, Diana, fear Mateo might come back to their neighborhood and be too close to their four young grandchildren.

"A rapist is a rapist," Wheeler said.  "If you put him in jail and let him out, he's gonna do it again."

They have no reason not to believe the neighbor who turned Mateo in after finding his cell phone.

"If she found evidence there, why not believe it's true?" Diana Wheeler asked.

The Wheelers and others say they find some relief knowing Mateo's case is not completely closed.

"They should keep him in jail long enough to figure that out," said Malcolm Wheeler.  "Not let him out."

Prosecutors still have the option to seek an indictment against Pablo Mateo.  They would not elaborate on exactly why the case was dismissed.

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