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Local leaders promise to improve conditions at Millington Central High

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MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Dilapidated conditions at a Mid-South high school, including rain damage that is keeping students from classrooms, have gotten the attention of local leaders.

A community center in Millington was packed Wednesday night while PTSA members made their case for much needed improvements at Millington Central High School.

One day after photos of leaky classrooms, moldy walls and exposed ceilings aired on Action News Five, Shelby County commissioners promised help is on the way in the form of legislation that will be introduced next week.

"A resolution approving $1,250,000 for the renovation of the Millington cafeteria," Commission Chairperson Joyce Avery said.

But a new cafeteria is not enough.  The school also needs a new science lab and a new library.  Parents asked State Representative Barbara Cooper to take their fight all the way to the top.

But before any legislation is considered, parents hope every County Commissioner and every school board member will visit Millington Central High, to see what the students and staff have had to endure while trying to get an education. 

"Until we start squeaking that wheel, nobody cares, so if they bring all those commissioners out here put them on a bus and give them a tour then we'll see," parent Don Hersche said.

County Commissioners will address funding a new cafeteria during a committee meeting next Wednesday. The public is encouraged to be there to voice concerns.

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