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Pot-bellied pig has Millington resident concerned about swine flu

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MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - A 200 pound pot bellied pig is at the center of quite a controversy in Millington, and the pig's owner could lose her beloved pet if things don't work out in her favor. 

For three years, Lulu, the Vietnamese pot bellied pig, has been a member of Nicole Montoya's family.  Now, Montoya may end up losing Lulu because of a neighbor's complaint.

"She was afraid she could get the swine flu from a Vietnamese pot bellied pig," Montoya said.

City officials recently cited Montoya for illegally raising livestock.  However, she appealed the decision in court saying Lulu is just a pet.

"The determination is whether it's a pig or not. Some say it's a pig and some say its domesticated. This is not a pig, it's a pet," said Millington Mayor Richard Hodges.

"They don't bark, they don't make noise at night, they're inexpensive to feed and take care of. She's spayed like our dogs, and she lives with our dogs," Montoya added.

Montoya's mother, Ann Drawdy, says Lulu isn't different from the family's other pets. 

"It's better than a boa constrictor or any other kind of exotic animal. She's just a little bigger," Drawdy said.

For now, Montoya gets to keep her pet pig, at least until the city writes a new ordinance.

"Are five dogs worse than one pig?  This is really turning into something," Hodges said.

Montoya and her mom said they are determined to keep their pet pig, whether the city of Millington rules in their favor or not.

"We better, or we'll be moving with our pet to where we can have her," Drawdy said.

It could take three months before the city of Millington adopts a new animal ordinance. Until then, Montoya gets to keep Lulu. 

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