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Parents say they were never notified about school bus accident

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OAKLAND, TN (WMC-TV) - Parents in Fayette County are upset with officials at Fayette County Schools because they say they were never notified after a school bus crash near Oakland last week.

The children on the bus were not seriously injured, but parents say the situation could have been much worse. 

James and Lana Mackus' 10-year-old girl was just one of the children on board the school bus when it crashed.

"No call from the principal, no call from anybody at the school, no call from the bus driver.  I'm pretty sure he had a cell phone," James Mackus said.

"After Myles Wilson got on TV and said that everybody was notified I was angry because no one notified me," Lana Mackus continued.

Fayette County school superintendent Myles Wilson admits the ball was dropped.  According to Wilson, both the bus driver and employees at the bus garage are to blame.

"He didn't call it in as an accident and then they didn't ask enough questions when he called," Wilson said.

According to Wilson, there is a written procedure for reporting bus accidents.  The first step is to contact the bus garage immediately.

James and Lana Mackus say that policy needs to be changed.

"I want to know why 9-1-1 wasn't the first one called," James Mackus said. "Whenever you've got an accident where a bus has gone off in a ditch and kids are thrown from one side to another, how come they didn't call police?"

Police made it to the scene around 5:00pm, after the bus had been there nearly one hour.  Parents say that wait was too long. 

Wilson says the school board will likely be updating its accident policy, and the driver of that school bus was new to the system. 

The driver is still employed by Fayette county Schools.

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