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"Rolling Meth lab" among 2 busted in Millington in as many nights

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MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - A neon green Honda sat at a gas station parking lot in Millington late Wednesday afternoon - not for service, but to be searched.  And Millington Police officers quickly found something "cooking" after pulling it over.

"There were two suspects in the car, a male and a female," said Chief Ray Douglas. "But there was three active 'cooks' at one time."

"Cooks" mean batches on their way to becoming Meth.  In this case, the stuff it was being cooked in plastic containers.  It's a method known as "shake and bake."

"One is bad enough," Douglas said. "When you have three going at one time, it's a very serious situation and can be extremely dangerous."

Cooking in a car makes the newest trend in Meth manufacturing even more hazardous.

"In this method, the mobile method, you could be sitting next to them at a red light, and never know it," Douglas said.

Meth lab busts are beginning to be familiar sites in Millington.  Police tell Action News 5 this is the eighth suspected Meth lab busted in the city within the last three months.

Meth making materials were hauled out of a house near the Navy base Tuesday night during a raid by sheriff's deputies.  Accused "cook" Keith Crum was charged with a number of crimes.

Photos from inside highlight some of the ingredients used to make meth, including lithium batteries and lye.

Investigators say this particular lab was funded from the sale of stolen items.  Neighbors are happy to see it cleaned up.

"It'll make it better for my kids," neighbor Barbi Banks said. "And all these homes would have been gone if it had blown up, over some dope!"

That "dope" continues to cause concerns in communities big and small.

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