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$18K bond for man who found $20 bill on Memphis bus station floor

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Down on his luck, a Chattanooga man thought things were turning around for him when he stumbled upon a $20 bill lying on the floor of the Memphis Greyhound bus station.

But the bill was counterfeit, and 35-year-old Kevin Jones ended up sitting behind bars in the Shelby County Jail.

Jones and his wife Tammy lost their home to a fire last year. Then, with an 11-month-old baby to care for, they both lost their jobs.

Jones had traveled to West Memphis to care for his ailing mother, and was getting ready to head home to Chattanooga when he found the $20 bill.

He picked up the nearest pay phone to tell his wife about the money he had found on the floor.

During their conversation, the phone went silent. Jones' wife called back repeatedly until someone finally picked up to tell her Jones had been arrested for using a counterfeit bill.

A Memphis police spokesperson says a business owner complained that a man had paid with a phony bill. Investigators say the ink on the bill had smeared from being wet.

Picking up that bill has cost Jones dearly. He has already been in jail for five days, and won't get an attorney until his next court date - still more than three weeks away.

His bond is set at $18,000.

"All because of a dollar bill he truly thought was a blessing from God," Tammy Jones said.

The Memphis Police Department says the $20 bill gave an obvious appearance of being fake, and they consulted with the U.S. Secret Service on the case.

Jones' daughter will soon celebrate her first birthday in Chattanooga while her father sits in a jail cell 300 miles away. 


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