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Gunshots fired into Southaven office building

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SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC-TV) - A worker at a Southaven office building is on edge after her building was recently riddled with bullets.

The John D. Baptist building sits quietly on the corner of Church and Davis roads in Southaven. For Gwendolyn-Baptist Hewlett, who has an office inside the building, a discovery made on October 3 was a shock.

"I came in to meet with some clients preparing for a trial I had on Tuesday, and when I let them in, he said, 'Is that your parents picture on the wall?' I said, 'Yes.' And he said, 'What's that hole in it,'" Gwendolyn Baptist-Hewlett said.

That hole, and several others like it, were gunshots fired from a .22 caliber weapon that shattered the peace Baptist-Hewlett has known in the ten years her business has occupied the building named for her father.

"I was in disbelief," she said. "I didn't believe that anyone would have shot in the building, but obviously I called the police."

Police are investigating, but so far have nothing concrete.  Meanwhile, Baptist-Hewlett said she is trying hard to understand why someone would shoot into her building.

"Most of the people in the community know us and we know most of the people in the community," she said. "I think its some outsider, some prank, because I don't think its anybody who knew us."

Police say there have been no other reports of vandalism or problems at the business since it opened in 1999.

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