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Extra Credit: Crosswinds Chronicle

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - Fifth graders at Crosswinds Elementary School are breaking new ground by producing that school's first student-run newspaper.

The Crosswinds Chronicle is a school-wide paper written by kids, for kids.

Michelle Sutton is a 5th grade teacher and Staff Director for the newspaper. "We have editors. We have co-editors. We have researchers. We have reporters. We have graphic lay-out and design." She adds that the students came up with the idea of a student-run newspaper on their own.

Each edition of the Chronicle will be delivered school-wide and include comics, articles, Collierville town history, entertainment and interesting facts about the school and staff. "It's got a bunch of entertaining stuff. I think the kids at the school will really like it." At least that's what Chronicle editor Jared Morley hopes.

The Chronicle's staff of 30 students meets every Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon to plan out their issues. And although there's a lot of space to fill, Morley says not just anything gets ink. It still has to be well-written to be put into the school newspaper.

Sutton believes the newspaper is also an excellent way to help the staff of students become better: "We wanna improve them academically, socially and just some of their people skills. We wanna produce better writers, better readres, better speaking skills within themselves and their friends."

The kids also get a sense of ownership, success and responsibility for their roles in the Chronicle, not to mention pride. Because, athough Sutton's help and guidance is much appreciated, editor Morley chortles, "She might help us get going, but then she leaves the main things to us. This isn't her newspaper, it's ours."

The first edition of the Crosswinds Chronicles was printed at the end of September. The staff is now hard at work on the second edition, set for circulation at the end of October.

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