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North Highland nightclub shut down as nuisance

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A nightclub near the University of Memphis has been shut down by police.

Just after midnight Sunday, the organized crime unit raided the Double Deuce Club on North Highland with a nuisance order.

Authorities said an investigation over the last several months revealed the establishment was selling alchohol to minors.

Students said they weren't surprised.

"I've heard about a lot of younger people going there, and it just got too young," said Kristin Murley, a student at the University of Memphis. "Everybody knew. It wasn't just the Memphis campus, it was a lot of high schoolers and the Southwest people."

People familiar with the nightclub say a sign posted outside warning minors they wouldn't be served was only for show.

"They acted like it, but I don't think they really cared," said Murley. "They had to act like it because the cop was sitting across the street."

Investigators said things regularly got out of hand at Double Deuce, with police responding to multiple assault calls to the club.

"I've witnessed an assault there, and like I said, I've only been there two or three times," said student Priyanka Bhagat.

University of Memphis student Scott Vann said that if the charges are true, he's thankful the nightclub was shut down.

"If someone gets in a vehicle that's 18 and kills someone, that's on you - that's on your conscious," he said.

The Double Deuce Club will remain closed until further notice.

A judge will hear the case next Friday.


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