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YOUR TURN: Sadness and outrage

Profound sadness gives way to outrage as our community learns the details surrounding the death of a young Memphis child in a house fire this week. Three-year-old Ladareon Dunn was left home alone by his mother while she and his aunt went shopping. Ladareon died and his two-year-old brother was seriously injured.

Greg Morris is one of many who spoke out about the tragedy. In his words:

Even worse than the boy's death is the fact that the aunt who was shopping with his mother showed no remorse. This is a vicious cycle that must end.  You can't blame children for growing up and acting the way they do when they have the parents that they do. Why is there no value to their life anymore?  It's time for people to step up and start making a positive difference in their community to end these kinds of senseless actions.

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