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Neighbors claim NFL linebacker's pit bulls are dangerous

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OXFORD, MS (WMC-TV) - A Mississippi family is suing its neighbors - an NFL linebacker and his wife - claiming their pet pit bulls are dangerous.

The Johnson family has lived at a residence along Highway 328 in Oxford for the past six years. Now, Jennifer Johnson and her husband are concerned pit bull terriers that belong to her neighbor, NFL linebacker Derrick Burgess, could be a danger to her three children.

"More than just us have complained about Mr. Burgess's dogs," Johnson said. "We've tried to deal with it in the most neighborly way possible, but it's not working."

Frustrated, the Johnsons filed complaints about the dogs with the LaFayette County Sheriff's Department.  But, there is no leash law in the county, so there was nothing deputies could legally do about their problem.  Next, the Johnsons filed a lawsuit in LaFayette County Court, suing Burgess for damages.

The lawsuit claims that Burgess and his wife allow their 10 to 15 dogs to run freely throughout the neighborhood.

"We're hoping that the court system will help us as far as if any problems occur after this, that there will be penalties to it," Johnson said.
The Johnsons' lawsuit also claims that Burgess' dogs have killed several of their pets, including a litter of kittens Jennifer found mutilated in their carport.  The lawsuit claims Burgess' dogs also and attacked their Basset hound.

The Johnsons believe the dogs are getting into their yard through an opening in a nearby fence. Jennifer Johnson said her main concern is for her children's safety.

"I'm scared to death they are going to attack our children at some point in time as viciously as they have attacked our animals," she said.

Calls to Burgess and his attorney by Action News 5 were not returned Tuesday.

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