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Woman mauled by pit bulls recalls attack

Skye Skye

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Helen Marshall's hands were wrapped in bandages Friday, and she could not even brush her own teeth.

"They wouldn't sew my wounds up because you can't sew dog bite wounds," she said.

But Marshall's severely punctured hands were healing, along with her son's Husky.

"Skye will be three years-old," she said.

Marshall said protecting Skye from three powerful pit bulls, who sprang from a garage Thursday while she was on a morning walk, took precedence over her own safety.

"And I was trying my best to grab their skin, their hair, and pull them off of him," she said. "But it wasn't doing any good. They were not gonna let go."

Fortunately, a man driving by noticed the commotion and called 911.  Another neighbor did the same after hearing Marshall's screaming and Skye's cries.

"It was this doleful wailing sound like something was really wrong," the neighbor said.

She and others say the pit bulls were an ongoing problem.  Recently, neighbors say, the dogs recently attacked another dog and even killed a cat.

But their owner, Andre Robinson, claimed his pit bulls would only attack if provoked when Action News 5 confronted him Thursday evening.

"I'm real sick about this," he said. "I don't know what to say.  I hope she (Marshall) is doing ok."

"I don't know what my feelings will be if I see him again," Marshall said of Robinson.

Marshall added she was thankful Robinson's dogs are no longer a threat to people or their pets.

Those three pit bulls will have to be put down, according to the health department.  Robinson was cited for not having them vaccinated or licensed, and for letting them run loose. 

Helen Marshall is now waiting to find out if she has rabies.

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