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Pit bulls' owner held on $500K bond following attack

By Lori Brown

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - The owner of three pit bulls that attacked a Cordova woman and the dog she was walking is charged with aggravated assault.

Andre Robinson, 33, was arrested Saturday morning and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Investigators say Robinson's dogs bit Helen Marshall more than 50 times. She's recovering at home after being treated at a hospital for bites on her arms and legs.

Her son's dog, Skye, is still recovering from injuries at an animal hospital.

Robinson's wife Christina says the dogs got out of their cages because someone tried to break into her home through the garage door.

"You can look at our garage, it is completely a mess," she said. "That's how the dogs got out, because we keep them in the garage in the cage."

But Neighbors say they don't believe anyone tried to break in to the Robinson's home. Every neighbor who spoke with Action News 5 Saturday said the Robinson's garage door has been broken for a long time.

If that's what they said, that's a lie," neighbor Rick Pollan said. "That garage door has never - since they moved in - has never been shut all the way."

Christina Robinson says she's still not sure how the dogs escaped from their cages.

"Whoever tried to come in, they really made my dogs angry, and after that, I don't know what happened," she said.

Robinson said her husband isn't the one who should be charged. "I feel it's unfair, because my husband...we wasn't even at home. It's like they're saying he purposely sicced the dogs on her. They need to find out who tried to break into my garage and charge them with that charge."

Robinson says feel bad about what happened to Marshall, who was rushed back to the hospital Saturday and later released.

"I would like to see her and talk to her, and apologize on my behalf," she said. "If we could help out with the vet bills or medical bills, we would be able to do that."

She said she hasn't contacted Marshall so far.

Neighbors told Action News 5 that the Robinsons' dogs had attacked people and pets in the neighborhood on at least five different occasions.

Andre Robinson was also cited for not having his pit bulls vaccinated and allowing them to run loose.

He handed the dogs over to the Memphis Animal Shelter. All three will be euthanized.

Robinson faces a judge Monday.

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