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Fullilove considering plea bargain in driver's license case

Janis Fullilove Janis Fullilove

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis City Council member made a special appearance in court Monday morning as a defendant facing a series of charges.

Janis Fullilove had no words to share, but nodded she was alright as she waited for her hearing to start.

"We entered a pre-sentence report with the court today," said Fullilove's attorney, Arthur Horne, said afterwards.

The judge delayed Fullilove's case four weeks as Horne considers the state's plea bargain: Guilty with probation, and no more than 80 days behind bars.

Horne would not confirm Fullilove's plea deal arrangements, which stem from a series of driving charges. Fullilove lost her driver's license after refusing a breathalyzer. She then applied for a new one. Her application said she "lost" her license, not that it was seized.  Cameras then captured Fullilove driving on a revoked license.

"If we enter a guilty plea, we'll ask the court for some type of probation," Horne said.

At the pre-sentence hearing next month, the judge will assess Fullilove's background to determine if she should get probation.  Everything from her family life, to her contributions as a city councilwoman, to her criminal record will be considered at the hearing.

"If we enter a plea of guilty, we'll have what's called a 'sentencing hearing' at the next court date," Horne said.

If Fullilove takes the plea deal, the sentencing should not affect her position as a city councilwoman.  The city of Memphis' ethics rules say a council member's position would only come into question if he or she is jailed more than 80 days.

Fullilove's next court date is December 1st.

This case covers her charges of driving without a license, and two driver's license fraud misdemeanors. While her DUI case in DeSoto County, Mississippi is settled, she has another outstanding DUI in Tunica.

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