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Memphis man uses quirky rap video to promote life 'to-do' list

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Memphis banker is getting world wide attention, not for his bank, but for his bling.  Stuart McGehee calls himself the "Middle Age Cracker Rapper, and his new video is quickly becoming an internet sensation.

In the video, 'Superb,' McGehee raps about being rich, a divorce that cost him seven million, his second wife and the fact he doesn't care what she spends.  He also raps about his children's private school tuition, his busy schedule, his great house and all his bling.

McGehee says it's all a joke meant to poke fun at stereotypes.

"It's a life parody more than anything," he said. "If the project came across as serious, then we missed the mark."

And you shouldn't base your opinion of McGehee on the video alone.

"If someone wants to form an opinion of me on the video, I understand, I knew the flack was coming," he said.

McGehee said doesn't much care, and here's why: on YouTube, the 'Superb' video has over 30,000 hits and counting.  Rather than just a goofy project, McGehee calls 'Superb' a carefully placed tool designed to generate interest and drive traffic to McGehee's brand new website,

Here's how it works: A visitor to the website creates a life 'to do' list, like running a marathon or hiking the Appalachian trail.  At the top of McGehee's list is 'make a rap video.'

Participants can then interact with others through the website, which is designed to connect complete strangers with similar life goals.

"Like any good website, it's a work in progress and always evolving," he said. "No good website, in my view, is static."

McGehee plans to launch other phases soon, including segments dedicated to outdoor adventures, giving back, and different cities across the globe.

He says success has just one measuring stick: user participation.

If his website takes off, McGehee could make another fortune, and he doesn't mind putting himself out there to achieve his goal. As for his music career...McGehee says it's in limbo.

Click here to watch the video.

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