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Memphis City Council certifies A C Wharton as mayor

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Tuesday, the Memphis City Council voted unanimously to certify A C Wharton as Memphis mayor. Shortly thereafter, Wharton answered questions about why his administrators are getting higher salaries and which projects he plans to tackle first.

"I will not look back, I will simply look forward and say let's work together," Wharton said.

Mayor Wharton expects to be seen in City Council chambers more often than previous mayors. He said the current Blue Crush approach to crime fighting is not ideal.

Blue Crush locates areas with highest crime and increases police presence there. Wharton wants to focus more resources on targeting the root causes of crime before a neighborhood becomes a crime-ridden.

Wharton also rebuffed criticism for giving his new staff higher salaries than Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery.

"I'll look the public in the eye and tell them any day and say you get what you paid for," Wharton said.  "You want good talent, you want folks who are going to put in the hours and stay with you who are not here trying to do something else on the side. You've got to pay for it," Wharton added.

Wharton says he's under budget by $15,000. Altogether, his staff of seven will make a little under $472,000, or $42,000 more than Lowery's people.

Wharton says everything we do in Memphis is broadcast around the world and said he wants to foster a positive image that will attract and maintain business and talented people.

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