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Suspended Tipton County deputy talks about breakfast beat down

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MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Last week, you heard from the alleged victim in a breakfast beat down at the Millington IHOP.  Monday, the Tipton County Sheriff's department investigator involved in the incident spoke out.

"Sometimes when you arrest people they take it personally and they take it upon themselves to confront you," Investigator Steven Browder said.

But Millington police say it's a case of 'he said, he said.'

"You're caught in a dilemma here," said Millington Police Chief Ray Douglas. "One side says one thing, one side says another. So what do you do?"

But Browder says it's a case of retaliation.

"Sometimes when you arrest people, they take it personally, and they take it upon themselves to confront you," he said.

Browder says he's had to arrest Allen Nance before.  That's why, be believes, Nance confronted him inside this Millington IHOP early last Sunday morning.

"He followed me outside the building and confronted me verbally right outside the door, and while he confronted me verbally, he pushed me," Browder said.

Allen Nance told Action News 5 last week that he got this head injury after Browder slammed him against the wall.  Browder said he just held Nance at arm's length and has no idea how Nance got these injuries.

"I used a minimal amount of force in self defense to keep from being assaulted," he said.

Allen Nance says he wants to press charges, while Browder says he just wants to get back to work.

"It's a completely fabricated story, made up by Allen Nance to discredit me," Browder said.

Millington police Chief Ray Douglas says a warrant could be issued for both Nance and Browder.  In that case both would be arrested and charged.

Browder is still on paid leave from the Tipton County Sheriff's Department until the investigation is complete.  The case is set to appear in Millington Municipal court November 12th.

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