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MPD: security guards shot at man for no reason

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - People who live in the Highland Creek Apartments in Whitehaven say it was bound to happen.

"Them security guards ain't no good," resident Ashley Gould said.

Two security guards from the complex are accused of crossing the line.  Gould and her friends say they heard the shots early Tuesday morning as they slept.

"Pow, pow, pow," Gould recalled.

Memphis Police charged Lemonta Lewis and Bella Granger with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, respectively.  They say each shot at a man in his truck for simply refusing to hand over his driver's license and driving away.

Police say the victim was going only eight miles per hour when Lewis jumped out in front of him and fired two shots. One bullet went right through the front windshield while another hit a rear tire.

Granger told detectives she felt the need to fire her weapon in order to keep the truck from leaving the property.  However, she admitted she had no idea who fired the other shots.

"If we do something or say something to her, is she gonna start shooting us for no apparent reason?" Gould asked.

Memphis police determined victim Roland Beck did nothing wrong and that the guards acted improperly.  His attorney says the encounter left his client terrified.

"We have all these people running around charged with protecting other people as a security guard, and we give them a pistol and don't properly train them," said Randy Fishman.  "It's really a very dangerous situation."

Residents hope these particular guards remain off the job for good.

Police have had a difficult time contacting TRG Security, for whom the guards work.  Like anyone else with a gun permit, they say security guards may use deadly force only in self defense or in defending someone else.

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