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Surprise! Memphis woman finds home unexpectedly demolished

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A Mid-South homeowner was outraged to find city crews recently tore down her fire damaged home, even though she had plans to repair it.

"I feel like we've been took advantage of," Lorine Hadley said. "Especially since the attorney we paid didn't reveal everything to us at closing like he should have."

The property was listed as condemned by the city of Memphis in March of this year.  Hadley bought the property in July as a foreclosed home, but she did not know the property was scheduled to be demolished until after it was leveled.

"On October 31st, when a family member drove by, she called and said, 'Your house is gone to the ground,'" Hadley said.

Hadley contacted her closing attorney, who admitted the condemnation order was not in the closing paperwork or disclosed in the title search.

After finding the paperwork, Hadley's attorney offered her a possible solution:

"To get an attorney and sue him," she said. "That's the last word he said to me."

Real estate attorney Joe Kirkland says attorneys have an ethical responsibility to find out all the facts before a sale.  But, he warns, buyers should do their own research as well.

"That would include hiring someone an attorney to search the title on their behalf, and verify what they're getting is what they think they're getting," he said.

Hadley is not sure about any legal action because it would cost more to rebuild the property from the ground up than it originally cost.

But, she added, she will be much more careful when purchasing any real estate in the future.

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