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Phantom Alert software warns drivers of red light cameras

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Red light cameras are rolling at some of the Mid-South's busiest intersections.

There are 13 in Memphis and three cameras in Germantown.

Police say the presence of cameras cuts down on red light runners, making the roads safer.

"We feel like it's been a good positive program. A good traffic safety tool," said Germantown Deputy Police Chief Rodney Bright. "It's about trying to change driver behavior."

But it's also about money. In each for the last three years, Germantown has collected over $450,000 in ticket revenue.
Annual expenses total about $427,000, earning the city a small profit of nearly $30,000 each year.

If you're caught running a light, you'll receive a citation that'll cost you about $50. But for less than $10 a month, you can download a program to your GPS that could keep you from ever again being caught again.

The Phantom Alert notifies drivers anytime they're near a red light camera.

By the end of the year, the same software will be available for the I-Phone and Blackberry PDA.
Police say safety is the ultimate goal of these cameras, and part of what keeps crashes down is people not knowing where the cameras are located.

"People may not know where the cameras are, so we feel like that positively impacts driver behavior in that regard," said Bright.

But Phantom Alert representatives say they believes the same is true for its software, which sends a signal to slow down.

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