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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Best in Collierville, TN, plus scores as of 11/08/09

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - Things got so bad at a Whitehaven restaurant this week, the manager lost his job. 

The Kettle Restaurant, 1258 E. Brooks Rd. in Whitehaven, failed its health inspection for the second time in two months with a 67:

spaghetti/meat sauce "potentially hazardous" food temp  

"mold is inside the ice bin"

"garbage is stored on the ground at the back door"

"an employee is eating candy in the food prep area"

Adam Taouil, the Kettle's area manager from Austin, TX, is now temporarily running it.  He fired the manager for the violations and for "...other things I can't discuss," he said. 

"We had no supervision at night, and now we're cleaning house," he said.

The house-cleaning must be working.  The Kettle rated an 87 on re-inspection Nov. 16.

A broken condenser in a fridge dropped the Dixie Queen, 3331 Overton Crossing in Frayser, into the basement Nov. 4 with a 66

inspector used the word "dirty" used 21 times to describe the store's conditions

"frost in freezer is greater than 1/4 inch thick...defrost"

broken condenser caused "cooked wings, tartar sauce left in the frig" to record unsafe food temps

"outcroppage at floor drain/unstop floor drain (in public restroom)...due to must cease operations (until fixed)..."

Manager Tameka Branch contested the drain violation.  She said the restroom remains locked and sealed since the Dixie Queen provides only walk-up and take-out service.

"We don't even store anything in there," Branch said.  "My condenser was going out on my refrigerator.  That's the reason for the food temperature problems.  Everything has been corrected."

Frayser's Dixie Queen scored a 79 on re-inspection Nov. 18.

THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Southern Hands Family Dining, 150 Highway 72 East, Collierville, TN, 901-853-6758,

The only thing missing at Southern Hands -- is Me-Maw's kitchen table.

"It's like going to Grandma's on a Sunday afternoon for dinner," said regular Carol Renfrow of Collierville.

At the age of 8, owner Betty Baskin took over dinner duties for her parents and ten siblings in their busy home.  Now she whips up her grandmother's original recipes on her restaurant's main menu.

"I serve the best food this side of heaven, and we guarantee it," Baskin boasted. 

The crowd favorite:  Baskin's meatloaf.

"I usually never eat beef, pork, you know, any red meat," said Matthew Ellzey of East Memphis.  "Somebody was bragging on this meatloaf, and I tried it, and now, they're gonna start me to cheat!"

"If you keep coming, we're gonna keep the food good for you," promised Baskin.

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Meatloaf (what else?), Chicken & Dressing, Smothered Pork Chops, Cornbread.

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