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Group remains determined to save Zippin Pippin

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A backhoe continued clearing out wooden tracks Tuesday from what was once Elvis' favorite amusement park ride: the Zippin Pippin.

City officials claim they are testing the wood if it can be salvaged, after learning termites had their way with the Zippin Pippin.

But Misty White of "Save Libertyland" says they didn't have her permission. She showed us the bill of sale to her group.

"Hereby grant, bargain, sell, sign, transfer and convey unto Save Libertyland," she read from the bill.

The Zippin Pippin is a staple of Memphis history.  Those who couldn't afford vacation would "staycation" at Libertyland.  It was a place for teens to get a summer job.

But time passed, ticket sales dropped, and the park, along with the Zippin Pippin, became a city liability.  The 140 acres became a tourist development zone while Parkinson put the roller coaster on the Historic Register.

"Properties listed thereon deserve to be preserved by their owners as a part of the cultural heritage of our nation," she said.

White added that the group will do everything in its power to uphold its legal rights.

"I've been on the phone with Washington, with Atlanta, with Tennessee, Nashville," she said.

She's even considering putting the roller coaster on Ebay to preserve it by any means necessary.

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