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Ford lays out his goals at interim Shelby County mayor

Joe Ford Joe Ford

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Shelby County Commissioner Joe Ford has a clear picture of his mission as interim mayor.

"To bring back a balanced budget, no new taxes, save the MED, bail out the Health Department, and at the same time make sure the citizens of Memphis will get their fair share of tax dollars and CIP projects," Ford said Wednesday.

As mayor, Ford plans to launch eight task forces.  His Business Development Task Force would explore county contracts.

"We don't have the ratio or the makeup of the county of minorities, and we want to see that that changes," he said.

Ford's Planning and Development Task Force would ensure everyone's covered by code enforcement and core city property maintenance.

"City taxpayers pay county taxes," he said.

Ford's Health Services Task Force would work to distribute the H1N1 vaccine and help the Health Department manage its money.

"They're okay right now, but budget season is coming and it's going to be tough," he said.

His Community Services Task Force will seek federal funding.

"We're getting a piece of the pie, but we need to get more," Ford said.

The Pubic Works Task Force would spread projects across the county.

"There's no paving going on in the City of Memphis," Ford said. "All of the road paving is being done in the county - road projects in the county."

Ford said he will with Acting Mayor Joyce Avery about starting the Med Task Force as soon as possible.

"I'm going to ask her if she can put this task force in place by Monday so we can start our meetings and get to work," he said.

Ford also plans to start an Education Task Force, and a County Mayor's Task Force - with no talk of consolidation.

"We want to make sure all of the suburban cities, Arlington, Millington are getting their fair share of tax dollars," he said.

The task forces will include people from the public, government and private sectors.

The County Commission must replace Ford before his swearing in December 10th.

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