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Our Approach

An addiction to alcohol or other drugs or a habit is often misunderstood, not only by people who are addicted, but also by their friends and families. At A Bridge to Recovery, we recognize addiction as a disease. This disease damages the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals and families. All of these aspects of life will need to be addressed in order to restore balance to lives affected by addiction. At A Bridge to Recovery, we also recognize that addiction is treatable and that treatment works.

The hallmark of A Bridge to Recovery is our unique ability to look at the whole person and create a treatment program designed for the client. Many other programs treat only the symptoms of addiction. A Bridge to Recovery's staff identifies and addresses the core patterns and issues that have caused continual return to self destructive behaviors. In addition to our therapist's ability to provide patients with a powerful and effective treatment experience, many of the staff at A Bridge to Recovery are in recovery themselves. This has proven invaluable when people walk through the doors for the first time with feelings of hopelessness and despair or return from a relapse with the shame and anger. Just knowing that there is someone who has been there and is now recovering can make all the difference.

With appropriate care, planning, and abstinence, long-term success can be achieved. People with addiction disorders can regain a life of integrity and use their full human potential to explore all of life's possibilities. Regardless of the amount of damage that has resulted from the addiction; with proper care, the future is hopeful!

A Bridge to Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program provides therapies that are responsive to  individuals unique needs. All treatment services are provided with care and respect, and under the strictest confidentiality. If you (or your loved one) are struggling with an addiction, get the help you need today.

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