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Wesley W

After I received my second DUI, I was ordered to come to A Bridge to Recovery by the governing body of my profession. They recommended that I attend the eight week intensive outpatient treatment program, which I did. At that point I was doing whatever I was told so that I would not get into any more trouble. Getting any real help for my alcohol and drug addiction was a secondary motive at best. I began the treatment program and immediately noticed that A Bridge to Recovery was different than any other treatment facility that I know about. Having been in AA periodically through the years, I was familiar with 12 step programs and how they usually worked. The counselors at A Bridge to Recovery did not set out to teach me the things I had already learned in AA. On the first night of my treatment, the counselor told me that we would attempt, in a group meeting format, to delve into the reasons behind my alcohol and drug abuse. I learned that AA was an outside requirement of the treatment program here, so there was no need to go over twelve step work here as well. I learned things about myself that I never even knew existed. The eight week treatment program opened my eyes to why I began abusing alcohol and drugs in the first place, and equipped me with the tools I needed to continue the journey of finding out my purpose in life. They also taught me how to deal with my problems without the use of alcohol and drugs. I am happy to say that because of the help I received at A Bridge to Recovery, I have been clean and sober for almost a year.

Wesley W.

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