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Stephan McLaughlin, Clinical Facilitator


Twenty years ago Stephan began his personal recovery from the destructive power of addiction, codependency, and family dysfunction through an intensive outpatient program similar to the one here at Bridge to Recovery. His road has been long and difficult at times, and thanks to the grace of a power greater than himself he been able to stay on course and reap the benefits and joys of sober living.

In large part due to AA, Al Anon, and other 12 step programs, and a variety of personal growth programs, workshops and trainings, like the Mankind Project, Stephan has experienced a bounty of learning, healing and growth. For the past 15 years part of this journey and his recovery has been to share this progress with others through his non-profit, human relationship work at HEAL. As an activist, workshop creator and leader, and interventionist he has helped many people deal with difficult personal issues in loving ways.

Now as a new member of the Staff at Bridge to Recovery, Stephan brings his experience, strength and hope to others as a group facilitator and life coach who supports clients and their families as they start across the bridge to a sober, happier, and more fulfilling life.


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