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Ask Andy: Fake e-mails scam

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A warning from the FBI: Don't ever expect to get an email from them. Several messages are sweeping the country right now and the only thing they're offering is trouble.

The bureau has identified three different emails circulating right now, designed to steal information or infect your computers.

One email claims to contain a confidential FBI report titled "New Patterns in Al-Qaeda Financing". The e-mail has the subject line "Intelligence Bulletin No. 2-67," and an attachment titled "Bulletin.exe."

The second email has been around for a few months and claims to contain another confidential FBI report from the FBI "Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate" with an attachment called "reports.exe."    

Both of these messages are designed to steal your authentication credentials or send spam messages.

The third email to be on the lookout for claims to be from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI counter-terrorism division. The e-mail text contains information about a "New Usama Bin Ladin Speech Directed to the People of Europe," and has an audio attachment. In actuality, its malicious software intended to steal information from your computer.

Don't click on any links associated with these e-mails, because they're hoaxes. The FBI doesn't send unsolicited e-mails and doesn't e-mail official reports. You have to actively protect all of your personal information online and on paper. Several agencies want to help you do that this weekend with two free document shredding events.

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