Hurried Woman Syndrome

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Tired? Pressured? If any of these words describe you, you might be victim of what one doctor calls the Hurried Woman Syndrome. Dr. Brent Bost coined the term. The Texas doctor says women should be concerned if they're chronically suffering from four major symptoms; including fatigue, weight gain, low sex drive, and moodiness.

"Stress, chronic stress specifically, causes brain chemistry changes very similar to depression, just not as severe." says Dr. Bost.

So how do you beat Hurried Woman Syndrome? Dr. Bost says you must simplify and prioritize so you can get your life back in order. He says you need to organize so that you can run your schedule, not your schedule running you. Dr. Bost says a majority of women can be helped by simply finding some balance.

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