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Crook targets stuff not stowed at Wolfchase Toyota

Crook targets stuff not stowed at Wolfchase Toyota

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Even the well-lit parking lot of Wolfchase Toyota was not too bright for one bold crook who saw opportunity in a number of cars one recent night.  He even got inside sales consultant Durell Williams' Chevy Corvette.

"He was bold, Williams said.  "He didn't care."

The dealership agreed to share video from its state-of-the art surveillance system, which shows the suspect pull up to the lot after closing.  He even puts on a pair of gloves before searching for goodies, like the expensive leather jacket Williams left in his car.

"A seven or eight hundred dollar jacket," Williams said.

In another clip, the suspect is clearly seen casing cars with his flashlight before he starts walking toward the Corvette parked way in the back.  He eventually cuts the soft-top and riffles through Williams' stuff, even after the car alarm is triggered.

"He was breaking into cars in the front lot, in the back lot," Williams said. "The whole parking lot. No car was safe with him on the lot."

"Stow it don't show it" is a message Memphis Police consistently preach during the holidays.  It's a message on which this car salesman is definitely sold.  

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Williams said.  "Put your stuff away and don't let them see anything."

Memphis Police believe 24 year-old Grant Bush is the guy who broke into the cars at Wolfchase Toyota.  He was charged this week with, among other things, burglary of motor vehicles and vandalism. 

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