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Big turnout for Black Friday

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Memphis, TN (WMC-TV) - With the economy hovering between recession and recovery managers at Target didn't know what kind of turnout to expect. Now, they're breathing a sigh of relief.

The line at Target stretched around the building at 4:30 in the morning Friday. The shopper at the front spent 15 hours in line.

"I got here at two in the afternoon," Natalie Bennett, the first shopper in line said.

Yes, you read that right, 'afternoon', as in Thursday afternoon. Managers estimate 1,500 people were in line by 5 AM. They say that's a record.

Like hundreds of other shoppers Bennett braved the cold air and the long hours to get a 32-inch flat-screen TV for about $250. A nearly $200 savings.

The deal was enough to attract people who usually try to avoid this hectic tradition. After only 20 minutes, the 200 flat screens were snapped up and everyone else was flat out of luck.

"I didn't think we'd make it but it worked out just fine," Kevin Murphy said, as he carted away a TV for his father-in-law.

Over a half hour after Target opened and people still steadily streamed in the door. The manager said in his nine years of working at Target, he's never seen a line still coming in the door, a half hour after Target opened.

Many shoppers say with finances tight this year they are bargain hunting more than ever.

"We're going to narrow our list down to two or three things for each child," Wanda Montgomery said.

Bennett did manage to nab her bargain, even if it did take 15 hours to wait for it.

"I got my TV! Byway!" Bennett said.

All of the Black Friday sales at Target will go on through Saturday but it is first come first serve.

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