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DeSoto County Schools clarify rules for interaction between students and teachers

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HERNANDO, MS (WMC-TV) - Policy changes inside DeSoto County Schools aim to reinforce rules involving interaction between teachers and students.

According to Superintendent Milton Kuykendall, the changes have been in the works for months.  School board members waived a second reading of the policies during a recent meeting in order for them to be effective immediately.

"We have worked on this policy since August, and we decided to expedite the policy because very few school districts have this policy in writing," Kuykendall said.

One part of the policy deals with daily conduct regarding students, while the other references employees and electronic communication.  Kuykendall there were problems with inappropriate comments being made on some social media websites.

"We have some teachers to go on Facebook, MySpace and others, and say some hurting things about other teachers. It might not have been school related, but saying negative things," he said.

Kuykendall stressed that county residents understand these procedures are in place to protect both students and teachers, and those who do not comply will be dealt with accordingly.  

Rita Sides, a business owner with two granddaughters in the school district, said she agrees there should be policies in place, especially regarding relationships between students and teachers.

"I know some of these young ladies don't look like they're students, but these teachers took on the position, and they know they're students, and they should not cross the line," Sides said.

Kuykendall said teachers who break the new policies will be given a warning, and then a reprimand and other disciplinary action that could lead up to termination.

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