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Cat shot and killed at animal sanctuary

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Somerville, TN (WMC-TV) - A West Tennessee woman says someone intentionally shot and killed a cat inside her animal sanctuary. The owner of the Somerville cat sanctuary called PurrEver ranch is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who gives a tip to the Sheriff's Department that leads to a conviction of the killer.

Rita Wood found Jazzy limp with this bullet wound just over a week ago. Wood had just heard a gunshot that sounded close by.

"Whoever shot her shot her straight to the heart, it was intentional," Wood said.

Wood says Sheriffs Deputies and Animal Control officers told her the bullet wound indicated Jazzy was shot at close range.

"I was horrified, who would kill an innocent cat, that's never done anything to anybody?"

Wood runs a cat sanctuary for older cats who would otherwise be euthanized at shelters. Wood says Jazzy had already lived a tough life.

"She was rescued, she was a Bengal that was kept in a cage in a darkened room that had no light whatsoever," Wood said.

"When she came here it was her first shot of happiness," Wood said.

Wood is now concerned for the safety of her other cats and herself.

"I hope it was just a random act of violence, but I'm scared they're going to come back," Wood said. "I refuse to be bullied. Or for any of my cats to be endangered. This is a safe haven. PurrEver is a place for cats to live out the rest of their lives in peace."

In Tennessee, animal cruelty is a felony. Woods is going to get a veterinarian to perform a ballistics exam on the bullet so it can be matched to the gun that fired it. If you know anything that could help solve this case, call the Fayette County Sheriff's Department.

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