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Jarvis Greer

A.I. Now a Sixer...Again

Time to Dust off that #3 Allen Iverson Jersey....

No, not the Grizzlies version...but the 76ers.

Philadelphia hopes A.I. becomes The Answer to their hole at the Shooting Guard spot, by signing Iverson out of his short-lived retirement from the NBA and the Grizz.

That retirement lasted about 1-week.

The Sixers needed a replacement for starter Lou Williams, who's expected to miss up to 2-months after Jaw surgery.

Today Iverson signed a 1-year non-guaranteed contract with Philly worth just under $650, thousand dollars if they keep him for the rest of the season.

A.I. Returns to Philadelphia where he began his NBA Career..

He played 10 seasons with the Sixers, all as an All-Star, was a League MVP, and led the team to the NBA Finals.

The Sixers traded him to Denver 3-years ago after an acrimonious split where he was asked to stay away from the team.

The Big Question is, will Iverson BE with the Sixers when Williams comes back?

Iverson has proven he won't come off the bench for anyone. But, hey.. He's A.I.

The Sixers play the Grizzlies in Memphis April 10th.

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