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Cordova woman serves 3 days in jail for teen's statutory rape

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Last winter, a former nanny and wife of a prominent Memphis businessman was charged with the statutory rape of her teenage neighbor.

Emily Zinkus of Cordova is accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with her friend's adolescent son who lived two doors down from her.

Becky Stone said her son, now 17, confessed he'd been sleeping with the 31-year-old Zinkus for two years.
"Your best friend doesn't do this with your son, at 15," Stone said.

On Wednesday, after serving three days in jail, Zinkus was granted one year probation. She must pay the courts $30 a month plus a $100 fine, and she's ordered to stay away from Stone's son.

The ruling came two days earlier than scheduled. Stone and her son were not given a chance to testify.   

"What I was looking for the most is to keep her away from any other children," Stone said.

Stone said she'd hoped Zinkus would be required to register as a sex offender.

Instead, if Zinkus doesn't violate her probation, the charge will be erased from her record in one year. 

Stone said she wonders whether the sentence would've been tougher if the sexes of those involved were reversed. 
A representative from the District Attorney's office says anyone with a clean record, regardless of sex, can request diversion on an aggravated statutory rape charge. 

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