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Trial delayed for man accused of killing neighbor's pet

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TUNICA, MS (WMC-TV) - Trial for a Mississippi man charged with shooting and killing his neighbor's pet was put on hold Thursday.

Michael Wrenn is charged with shooting and killing a neighbor's family pet.  Wrenn's criminal trial was supposed to start Thursday morning, but the judge continued it until next year after the prosecution's witnesses didn't show up for court.

Wrenn's attorney, Stan Little, wants a jury trial.

"Anytime you have witnesses that are changing their stories, especially the way they are here, I would like for six citizens of Tunica County to be in that jury box to determine whose credible and whose not," Little said.

The shooting happened on September 12. According to a Tunica Sheriff's Department report, Wrenn shot a dog belonging to the Kelley family. The dog later died from the gunshot wound.

Wrenn claims the dog was on his property growling and acting aggressively toward his children.
Joe Dulaney, who represents the Kelley family, says the dog was not on Wrenn's property, and the defendant killed the dog with malice while putting four children in danger as well.

The Tunica County Sheriff's Department charged Wren with one count of animal cruelty and four counts of simple assault, for shooting the dog in front of the children.

Dulaney also filed a civil suit against Wrenn for damages.

"We believe Mr. Wrenn will be found guilty in the criminal matter and be responsible in the civil case," he said.

Along with the Kelley children, neighbor Jodie Snowden is also a part of the civil suit, because her children were also nearby when the shooting occurred.

Dulaney would not say specifically how much they are asking for in the lawsuit.

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