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Threatening texts lead to added police presence at Melrose High

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A series of threatening text messages, promising retaliation after a Monday night murder in Orange Mound, had Memphis police on high alert Thursday at Melrose High School.

In a press release, Memphis police said they were working to ensure the safety of students at the school, after two teenagers received text messages threatening retaliation. 

Retaliation for what - and against whom - was unclear, but it was all in regard to the Monday night murder of a man setting on the porch of his home on Fizer Avenue.

While school is in session, police said, the extra officers will be posted until further notice, and as long as need be.  Otherwise, according to a Memphis City Schools spokesperson, school days at Melrose will proceed as planned, with no changes.

"They say they're working closely with MPD," the spokesperson said.

But that wasn't enough for some parents.  Even as a half-dozen police were present outside the school, some parents arrived at mid-day to pick up their children.

"You can't take it lightly," one parent remarked, while another parent claimed to be, "better safe than sorry."

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