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Recalled Slim Fast drinks made in Mid-South

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COVINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Go to the weight loss section of any grocery store and you'll probably find empty shelves - shelves that once contained the weight loss drink Slim-Fast. The makers of the popular weight loss drink have pulled the product off store shelves because they say it could contain harmful bacteria. 

The recalled Slim-Fast was manufactured at the Unilever plant in Covington, Tennessee. 

"It's quick nourishment and so sometimes I get the cans and drink it," said resident Nadine Dickerson.

The Unilever Company says the drink could contain harmful bacteria. Company officials say the bacteria could cause diarrhea and nausea. 

Even though serious health consequences are remote, the company's recalled ten million of the Slim-Fast ready-to-drink cans - all manufactured at their plant in Covington.

"It may not come from the factory but from some of the ingredients used other places," said resident Russell Phelps.

Unilver officials say production at the Covington plant has stopped while they determine the source of the bacteria contamination.

The Slim-Fast recall does not affect the meal replacement bars or the Slim-Fast drink powder. It only affects the ready-to-drink cans.

The recall comes at a bad time for the company, which recently announced an expansion of the Covington plant. 

"Very disappointed because Slim-Fast is right here in Covington and it makes me wonder if it will have any effect on expansion they'd planned for the city," said Phelps.

As consumers wait to see what happens, Unilever hopes to have the drink back on store shelves as soon as they figure out the source of the problem.

"Everybody that has Slim-Fast can get rid of it before it affects the body," saids Dickerson.

Consumers who've purchased Slim-Fast ready-to-drink products are asked to discard them immediately and contact the company toll-free.  

That number is 1-800-896-9479.  Customers who call that number can get a full refund. To read more about this recall, click here.

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