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Maze of confusion looms over who is to blame for Olive Branch flooding

By Chip Washington - bio | email

OLIVE BRANCH, TN (WMC-TV) - The issue of flooding is not an unusual one for many DeSoto County residents, but for one Olive Branch resident, figuring out who is responsible for fixing the problem is a maze of confusion. 

Marisa Wittmann lives in the relatively new Belmor Lakes subdivision in Olive Branch. Whitmann loves her home, but has a big problem when it rains. Her property floods, with the water coming from two different directions.

"I get water from College Road coming in off the main road, and I get water from Gwin Farms, all of their neighborhood," Whitmann said.

College Road runs directly behind Whitmann's property, as so does the neighboring Gwin Farms across the street.  When she tied to find a solution to the flooding, another problem arose.

"Gwin Farms is city property and Belmor Lakes, where we live, is county property, so we're dealing with both groups," she said.

Both DeSoto County and the city of Olive Branch say the other is responsible.  Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard said he has empathy for the Wittmann's situation, but said the city is not responsible for finding a solution to the problem.

"It's outside the city limits, therefore it's the county's issue to determine what the resolution is," Rikard said.

But county leaders say the problem begins with flooding on the road, which is city property.  Wittmann sums the situation up this way:

"Pretty much everybody kinda does this and wants somebody else to foot the bill for it," she said.

Wittmann said county officials have offered to help with a solution, but only if the city of Olive Branch and her family will help foot the bill.

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