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Gun pointed at 2 year-old during robbery of Mexican restaurant

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - With what was left of his dinner in a doggie bag, Will Koenig had no plans to give up on Playita Mexicana when we spoke with him Tuesday outside the restaurant.

"The food's really good," he said.

Koenig told us the armed robbery that went down around 8:30 Monday night could have happened anywhere.

"I've had like 5 different jobs, two of which on my first day people came in with guns," he said.

Memphis Police were back at the restaurant Tuesday afternoon where they say two suspects acted like customers at first.

They eventually forced a manager behind a bar where they took an whole register drawer which contained the entire days take of the restaurant.  According to a police report, one of the them pointed his gun at the two year old son of a customer to get the manager to move faster.

Several others were robbed before the duo got away.

"Awful," said loyal customer Sarah Thompson when she learned of the robbery.

She was surprised it happened in the shopping center shared with Bass Pro Shops and other busy stores.

"I thought this was a better part of town," said Thompson.  "Memphis is turning into crap."

The restaurant's proximity to Interstate 40 and the opportunity for an easy exit may have been one reason it was targeted.  There are no clear descriptions of the suspects.  One wore a Dallas Cowboys hoodie at the time of the crime.

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