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Increased enforcement leading to more meth busts, police say

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A meth lab bust Tuesday inside a vacant Memphis home was the latest of a string of such busts across the Mid-South in recent days.

"We've seen a marked increase here in Memphis, probably around 60 percent," Lt. Mike Shearin of the Memphis Police Department said Tuesday.

According to Shearin, the upward trend is a result of several main factors.  First, stiffer drug laws south of the border.

"Meth users are having to produce or manufacture their own methamphetamines, their own drugs, because they can't get the stuff they'd normally get from Mexico," Shearin said.

Second, a new, widely popular method of making meth called 'shake-and-bake.'

"They can use a 20 ounce coke bottle, put all their ingredients to make their meth," Shearin said. "It's much quicker. It's a smaller batch, but it's quicker."

Shearin said 50 percent of shake-and-bake labs result iin a fire, and locally, nearly 30 percent of all meth labs have children present.  A concentrated efford to step up anti-meth enforecement is resulting in more arrests.

"We've kind of reeffortntrated our efforts," enforcement. "Now, we have folks working everyday specifically on meth. We're talking to informants. We're taking tips from the community. We're actively investigating these."

Investigators ask that if you smell something abnormal in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to call.  They say meth busts often result from a neighborhood tip.

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