About Our Facility

Location and Physical Attributes

The practice is based in East Memphis at Saint Francis Hospital, an 863 bed general hospital which was recently taken over by AMI.

The office is located on the ninth floor of the O'Ryan Medical Building which is physically connected to the hospital. The suite consists of approximately 8,000 square feet and houses an argon and YAG laser surgery center, RK suite and state of the art equipment. The practice is computerized with the IVY system.

The majority of our surgery is done at Saint Francis Hospital because of the excellent facilities and staff as well as the ability to use two operating rooms for at least part of the day.

Hospital Affiliates
Dr. Mandell is on the staff of the following hospitals: St. Francis Hospital, Methodist Hospital, the fourth largest private hospital chain, Baptist Hospital, the dominant hospital chain in the area which controls roughly 70% of the managed care business in Memphis. We are a part of the PHC, Inc., Physicians Health Corporation, which is composed of over 700 doctors affiliated with Baptist Hospital which provides the physician services for the Baptist Health Care contracts.

We have recently been asked to join a private ambulatory surgery center which is owned by Surgical Care Affiliates and are about to discuss the possibility of entering into managed care ventures with them.

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