Prostitution Problems

Get caught hiring a hooker, and do it on the news! Sex sells but Memphis police are cracking down. Here's a look at the most recent busts!

The woman on the left was arrested near our station on Union Avenue and close to Central High School. She was selling her stuff for only 10 dollars. The woman on the right charged a little more-- 20 dollars. She was nabbed on McLemore close to Lauderdale Elementary. 
Both of these women were busted for selling love on BREEDLOVE. The woman on the right was arrested a mile and a half from Humes Junior High School. Her going price --- 40 bucks! The 55-year-old woman on the left ---only 30 dollars.  She was caught less than half a mile from Gordon Elementary. 
This woman was charging as much as 60 dollars. She was arrested on Lamar near Getwell Elementary. 
These men were caught trying to buy sex at the same location--4030 Lamar Avenue! Both of them offered 40 dollars for sex.
And this man was willing to shell out a little more---45 dollars. He was busted on a known prostitution area -- Elvis Presley Boulevard.