Troop Deployment


The 160 members of Kilo Company range from age 18 to their mid 40's. Only a small percentage of them have active duty experience but they're all trained for combat.  "

That's what we're here for the nation needs us and we're going to step up and take care of it".  
The company is an infantry company so its a classic basic combat marine armed with an M16 and a pack on his back
You have up to thirty days to go back to work.  But preparing for war goes beyond those who fight. 
The military will help loved ones here at home learn to adapt. "
Our primary focus now is taking care of the families so the marines can feel know that and take care of their job that they're sent to do". "
Its hard but you can do it we're marine wives we can handle it".  
Erika Simmons' husband has been called up before, but not since 7 month old Patrick was born.
Now with the baby it is a little different but at the same time he's so little that he won't really remember much  From here the company goes to 29 Palms California for large battalion training, after that no one knows when or where they will be sent to serve. 
You know whether that's Afghanistan or whether that's in other locations yet to be determined 
So its uncertain how long it will be until the next time daughters can snuggle in daddy's lap.  
Or if infant sons will still be infants when troops return home.