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Passed out driver plows through Bartlett neighborhood

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BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - A driver suffering a diabetic coma plowed through a Bartlett neighborhood after passing out behind the wheel Saturday morning.  
No one was injured in the incident.
Bartlett police haven't released the driver's name, but neighbors say he apologized repeatedly when he came to, parked on a family's front porch.
"He was still unconscious when they got to the car, when my neighbor got to the car. He never even knew what hit him," said homeowner Becky Qualls. "You can see the tracks. He came through here and just went right through the porch. I had some Christmas decorations up. My snowman's flattened."

The man told police he was driving along Centralia Road when he went into a diabetic coma.
His unmanned car drove through three front yards, about half the length of a football field. When the vehicle hit Qualls' porch, the impact snapped four of its white columns right out of their bases. The family's rocking chair and porch swing were smashed to pieces.

"I'm just surprised he was okay because he didn't hit a tree, and that would have been much worse," Qualls said.

She says the man woke up apologizing and called his wife.

"A week before Christmas, that's awful," said Qualls. "This can all be fixed. As long as they're okay, that's all that matters."

Police took a report and the driver was admitted to a hospital for observation.
Police haven't said whether charges will be filed.

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